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The Liberal Arts Journals database contains journal titles to which the University Library subscribes from the resources account for Liberal Arts. In addition, the database covers titles of interest to Liberal Arts that are contained in collections of electronic full-text journals. The information in this database will be updated at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Use the pull down menu to search by a specific department or click the button to access all titles. Paid subscriptions are assigned to departments for review purposes only. All Liberal Arts subscriptions are paid from one account.

Explanation of column abbreviations:
Expanded Academic Index (IAC)
Journal Storage (J-Stor)
Project Muse (Pro Muse)
CatchWord Ltd. (CatchWord)
Other (Electronic full-text other than above)

All of these resources can be found either in the online catalog or in the collections of full-text journals available through the University Library Web site: http://www.ulib.iupui.edu

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